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Midway is a rock band from Sweden. Inspired by the 70’s and the 80’s rock, they deliver their very own touch of hard rock.

They started out in 2014, jamming with each other in the drummer’s basement. But it would not be long before they decided to quit their regular jobs taking away too much time from the music. With countless hours spent rehearsing in their basement the band got really tight, very quick.

The music started to take a unique shape and their skills evolved. The time had come to finally record their music. ”Kickstart Riot”, the band’s debut album, was recorded at Kingside just outside of Stockholm. It is a straight on hard rock album recorded live and it gives you exactly what the band sounds like live. During the recording of “Kickstart Riot” the band and the producers, Otto Wellton and Linda Öst, grew very fond of each other and so they decided to take on the band under their Queenside Label.

Midway just released their second album and are hungrier than ever with some exciting gigs and events coming up. The new album ”Low Life” has a new sound that has not yet been heard on the market. Their riff driven rock songs has an even more pronounced pop twist to them now and their youthful energy and never ending enthuse continues to make Midway one of the best live acts around!


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